Long Island Youth for Christ takes pride in its alumni.  Every person who has been involved with LIYFC has a story to tell. YFC doesn’t want to forget anyone who was involved—no matter how long ago it was.

You can connect with LI YFC and get your story on the Real Stories page by sending an e-mail ([email protected]) that answers these seven questions:

  • Your Name (include your pre-married name too):
  • Where you lived, went to high school and what YFC club or group you attended along with the years you were involved.
  • Who were your YFC leaders?
  • What special memories do you have about being involved with YFC/Campus Life?
  • How did YFC/Campus Life influence your life as a young person and now as an adult?
  • Where do you live now and what do you do?
  • Describe yourself and your family.

Send this info to Long Island Youth For Christ [email protected]

Tell us if you want us to post your information on the Alumni Page of the LI YFC website for others to read. We will only do it with your permission.


  • YFC/USA Alumni
    You can also connect with YFC nationally on the YFC/USA Alumni website to either tell your story or read about others who were involved with YFC around the USA and the world during the past 65 years.