Avalanche:Ski Trip


Sr. High School Winter Trip

February 18 to 22, 2019

Where? Shawnee Mountain, PA

Avalanche is open to all High School aged students.

Fun on the slopes...

You and your friends will love all the skiing and snowboarding at Shawnee Mountain. No matter what your skill level is, Shawnee has terrain for all abilities.

These range from gentle cruisers for beginners, to more advanced trails for intermediates.

When you come to Shawnee Mountain with Campus Life, you will have the opportunity to ride at whatever level you are at. Don’t worry if you have never boarded before, we will teach you. Yes, skiers are welcome too!

Shawnee Mountain is Located in The Poconos PA.  IShawnee has slopes for every level of Boarding and Skiing. The have two terrain parks.  Their Poconos permier 3000'  Delaware Terrain Park has multi-jumps, tabletops, spine and a full scale rail and jib garden.  Check out their website HERE. 

...and off the slopes too!

We have our very own bunk styled lodging at the top of the mountain!  All you have to do is step outside the door and the mountain is yours to conquer.  This experience is like no other. For five days and four nights you get to live with your friends, eat togehter, hang out and enjoy all that Shawnee has to offer.   

Campus Life nights
Every night on Avalanche we will meet together to have our own Campus Life meeting. We play our favorite Campus Life games, have great discussions and get to make new and strengthen old friendships.
We have the unique opportunity to hear wonderful stories about God and how He is involved in our world. These inspirational talks are intended to help you think more about God and how He relates to us.

How much? $550.00 Base cost


  • Transportation
  • Lodging for 5 days and 4 nights
  • 5 Day Lift Ticket
  • Night Skiing/Boarding
  • Adult Supervision
  • 13 Meals (Bring money for 2 meals on the way - 1 each way)

Additional Costs:

  • ADD $100.00 for Ski or Board rental (no Helmet)
  • ADD $142 for Ski or Board rental with Helmet
  • ADD $42.00 for ONLY Helmet rental


NOTE ABOUT RENTALS:  If your student will be skiing or boarding more than one time this winter, we recommend that you visit a local ski shop and make arrangement to rent the equipment from them.  This is often the least expensive option.

A $100.00 Deposit is necessary to secure your spot on the trip. Payment made in full is required on or before February 2nd.

Space is limited, first come first serve basis.


Already Registered? Want to make an additional payment for Avalanche?  Click HERE (Coming Soon)

Forms for Avalanche:


Permission Slip

Info Sheet/Packing List 

Scholarship Application