Scholarship Application

YFC raises money all year long to help kids get to camp and our other special events. However, funds are usually limited which unfortunately means that we cannot give to every single student in need (although we wish we could!) In order to qualify for a scholarship, a student must have a resonable home/ financial situation.  

To secure a scholarship for your child, please fill out this application.  You may begin applying for scholarships ASAP for scholarships are given as a first come, first serve basis. 

Please note that scholarhsips are available to Jr. High, Middle School and High School Students only.  While we do have some trips where 1st year College students are able to attend (i.e. Heatwave) we do not have scholarship funds available for them.

Please talk to your child and be sure that they are committed to coming to this YFC event before applying for a scholarship for them.  Please know that we give several opportunities for your child to fundraise throughout the year.  If your child receives monetary assistance, it is necessary for him or her to participate in these events as a way to show accountability.

Please provide Parent/Guardian primary phone number as we will be calling to confirm and dicuss scholarship request.